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The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff 32oz bottle:
Category - Cleaning/restoring, indoor and outdoor

An industrial-strength, hard surface cleaner that removes mildew, mold, algae, oxidation, rust, soap build-up, hard water deposits, stains, minerals, grease, body oils, and other discoloration of glazed and non-glazed ceramic tile and grouting. Also, it possesses unique brightening agents and color enhancers that help bring back the material's original luster. This product will not only help restore the shine to the finish, it will also form an invisible protective barrier which can help stop re-contamination of the restored area to help ensure future cleaning is kept simple and easy.
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This is a close-up  of before and after of bathroom glass blocks that were cleaned using The Good Stuff.
This before and after was done by a Homeowner with no professional background in cleaning or this product.
Before The Good Stuff
Afte  The Good Stuff
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