About Ameribrite Products

Ameribrite has been in business since 1988 and provides products to Retailers across the country. Historically Ameribrite has sold to Janitorial Corporations, Patio Furniture Stores and Home Restoration Companies. Under new ownership since 2015, the company has accelerated it's growth and expanded it's locations. Ameribrite Products are now also being marketed for campers, boats, air conditioners, and much more.

"Involved in the renovations business for many years, I was often faced with the challenge of trying to find quality commercial grade products for those extra challenging jobs. After years of phone calls, purchases, and disappointments, I came across Ameribrite. I was so impressed with the product that I purchased the business in 2015 and have taken it to a whole new level. Ameribrite Products are like no other and I am proud to have my name behind them."

Angel De Jesus - Owner

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